Good morning, my friends. I’m asking for an apology in brownout because of Kaadlawon. Let’s explain what happened.

1. And around 12.31 AM Lebak brownout.
2. SOP of NPC to restore electricity. Unfortunately, no one entered and the Kalamansig was involved (which one should not have their own lines and recloser in Kalamansig)
3. The SUKELCO didn’t trace the line because no one registered in the Recloser of NPC but the line had a problem.
4. The NPC attempted but the electricity did not enter.
5. Someone called SUKELCO but someone hit the post in Brgy. Cadiz, near the bridge of a little bit.
6. Ginkadtuan sang aton maintenance crew and saw that there was a pin insulator burned because there was a short circuit of gecko.
7. Electricity restored at 2:17 AM.

Note: There’s a lot of bulig that there are reports that we will be able to do it.