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  • Republic Act No. 7832, otherwise known as the Anti-Pilferage of Electricity and Theft of Electric Transmission Lines/Materials Act of 1994.
  • Signed into law on December 8, 1994.
  • Took Effect on January 17, 1995.
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  • To protect the honest electricity users from the burden of paying the cost of pilferage passed on to them.
  • To ensure the smooth, uninterrupted and viable operations of the electric utilities and cooperatives.
  • To assure the government that the electric utilities and cooperatives will provide adequate, safe and reliable service and impose fair and reasonable electric rates on end-users by rationalizing system losses.
[vc_message color=”alert-info”]ILLEGAL USE OF ELECTRICITY:
  • a.) Tap, make or cause to be made any connection with overhead lines, service drops, or other electric service wires, without previous authority or consent of the private electric utility or rural electric cooperative concerned;
  • b.) Tap, make or cause to be made any connection to the existing electric service facilities of any duly registered consumer without the latter’s or the electric utility’s consent or authority;
  • c.) Tamper, install or use a tampered electrical meter, jumper, current reversing transformer, shorting or shunting wire, loop connection or any other device which interferes with the proper or accurate registry or metering of electric current or otherwise results in its diversion in a manner whereby electricity is stolen or wasted;
  • d.) Damage or destroy an electric meter, equipment, wire or conduit or allow any of them to be so damaged or destroyed as to interfere with the proper or accurate metering of electric current; and
  • e.) Knowingly use or receive the direct benefit of electric service obtained through any of the acts mentioned in subsections (a), (b), (c) and (d) above.