“A leading power Distribution Utility delivering quality and efficient service to delight its member consumer-owners”


“To provide excellent service and promote development in Mindanao through Rural Electrification”


SUKELCO is committed to provide quality, safe and reliable electric service to all its member-consumer-owners at all times by being responsive to the needs of consumers and employing competent and highly-skilled workforce.
SUKELCO is didicated to satisfy consumer requirements and consistently comply with all applicable laws, statutory, and regulatory requirements. SUKELCO aims to continuously improve its processes and the Quality Management System in order to:
S – serve the member-consumer-owners with dedication;
U – uphold the core values of the organization;
K – keep and develop talented and competent workforce;
E – engage and empower the employees to achieve targets;
L – lead the electric cooperative sector;
C create a culture of teamwork; and
O – overcome difficulties and find new solutions.